What Parents Are Saying:

Cari Coleman

We are very grateful for Young Park! He has tutored our son in high school math for one year, with weekly one-hour sessions, and we could not be more pleased. We have also hired Young for ACT test prep and know our son is in the best hands. Young’s private and semi-private instruction is top notch. Our son’s work and test scores have dramatically improved along with his confidence. Young is consistently prompt, friendly, prepared, and engaged, and has a unique way of connecting with students, as well as holding them accountable. Our son is at ease with Young and continues to learn valuable math concepts and strategies, even beyond what is required for current unit work. Young is also very organized and responsive, and genuinely cares about his students and their success. We cannot recommend Young more highly. Out of 5 stars, he receives 6!
Young tutored my son for the ACT. As a parent and an educator, I have been truly impressed with Young. When he was first recommended to me, I heard great things about him from other parents so my expectations were high, but I must say, he surpassed them. With Young’s instruction, my son improved a full 10 points on the English section to earn a 36, and his overall score improved 4 points. Young was successful with my son for several reasons: he communicated clearly and effectively and was very knowledgeable on ACT content. But I think the most significant factor for Young’s success is his ability to identify the individual needs of each student – for my son Young knew when to focus on content, when to work on time management, and when to work on problem strategy. As such, Young used time efficiently, focusing on what was needed at each point in the tutoring. On top of everything else, Young connects with his students and is quite simply a nice guy.

Trisha Bellas, Ph.D.

Mary Ann Bentrott

I cannot say enough positive things about Young Park as a tutor. He helped our daughter through two years of advanced high school math and was able to convey concepts the teachers could not effectively communicate to her. He uses different methods and strategies to help his students gain confidence and succeed. Our daughter is a very bright person, but the curriculum was presented in a sometimes confusing way that was made intelligible through the skills of Young. He had an easy rapport with her and us, and she always looked forward to his tutoring sessions. He encouraged her and also rewarded her with thoughtful touches, such as a smoothie, when she did well on a test. He made math personal and, if not altogether fun, much more tenable for her. We are all grateful for his assistance in making math a more “friendly” subject for her in high school.
Young has tutored both of my kids for the last three years. My son, who is a sophomore in college, struggled in math, and Young helped him tremendously in breaking down each problem and understanding it clearly. He has also helped my daughter in math and prep for the ACT. Young has a way of explaining complex equations so that they can understand it and begin to master them. My only wish is that we had found him sooner!

Michele Glasky

Sheri Blackburn

A+ Tutoring and ACT Preparation! As the parent of three sons (two in college), I know the value of tutoring and ACT test preparation. I used ACT/SAT testing centers for my older sons and the results were mixed. Their scores improved slightly, but the class times were limited and there was not a lot of personal attention. For my youngest son, I decided to use his math tutor, Young Park, for ACT test preparation. Young is a fantastic math tutor (son’s grades improved from B’s to A’s with tutoring), so I was confident Young would be an effective ACT tutor as well. It was the best decision I could make. Young is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and he works around my son’s sports schedule. My son’s ACT score increased five points after working with Young. My only regret is that I didn’t know about Young for my older boys!
Over the last five years, we have been privileged to have three of our teenagers be encouraged in math by a great teacher and mentor in Young Park. His manner of personal consultative teaching fosters a positive engagement for his students to desire achievement even with difficult concepts. Our kids really felt that Young cared for them to individually achieve their goals. He is very wise and has a great heart for his students. All three of our kids demonstrated uncommon initiative to achieve on the ACT as a direct result of being coached by Young.

Amanda Langdon

Crystal Schreck

Working with Young, my son not only improved his score from a 21 to a 29 in just a month and a half, but his entire outlook on taking such a challenging test visibly improved. The challenge with the ACT and SAT is that you can study all of the material but still not perform as well without the “insider tips” and time management and test taking strategies. Young prepared him with all of this so that when he took the test the last time, he had so much more confidence than when he first took it. Young’s strong and energetic personality was just what was needed to kick my son’s butt into shape. Young’s tutoring and prep completely exceeded our expectations!
Young is an amazing tutor and is like family to us! We started using Young about one-and-a-half years ago because our daughter needed help in Geometry. With his teaching techniques, she went from almost having to retake the class in summer school to getting a great grade. He is so knowledgeable with all subjects. He explains things in a way that is easy for her to understand and challenges her work before they move on. In addition, when it came time for ACT prep testing, she insisted that we use Young as they had formed a bond. He already knew her strengths and weaknesses in math by reviewing the basic fundamental concepts to the most advanced formulas. He made sure she had a good foundation of the subjects such as grammar, geometry, and algebra so she would test well. He is so passionate and dedicated to his job, and it shows. He works diligently with lots of hours per week with many students and truly cares about each one’s success. That is his number one priority, and it really shows. Thanks, Young! You have been a lifesaver!

Christine Adler

Mindy Perkins

As a parent of a high school student, who was struggling in math, I can’t thank you enough! You have given my daughter the gift of math confidence in Geometry and Algebra 2 that no public school teacher has been able to tap into. Your ability to understand where a child is coming from and getting them to where they need to be is amazing. What I admired most, as a parent, is how much you truly care about your students and their well being. I have recommended, Mr. Park, to no less than 10 parents and I never make a recommendation unless I’m more than 100% satisfied, and every single parent has been more than happy with his tutoring ability! An amazing tutor and all around caring and nice young man.
I was referred to Young by a neighbor to tutor my daughter and prepare her for standardized testing. Initially, I had many questions about the ACT and SAT, including which one she should ultimately prepare for, and Young patiently answered all my questions. He is an amazing educator, and I appreciate his approach to treat each student individually, know the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and tailor his lesson plan and concentrate on areas they need the most help. He is very knowledgeable, sets clear goals, and has excellent communication skills. Young relates to kids very well and makes the tutoring time fun. My daughter’s ACT score improved tremendously, and Young delivered on everything he said he would do. We are very grateful to Young, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor to help navigate them through this process.

Sami Ardalan

Nina Mae Churchill

Young Park came highly recommended, and we have been more than extremely pleased! Our daughter has been a student of his for the past two years. Young is very encouraging, supportive, well-organized, and always has a very positive attitude. He focuses on the techniques necessary to build her problem-solving skills. As a result, our daughter has greatly increased her confidence in math, and now with Young’s exemplary guidance, excels in mathematics and has the tools necessary to excel in her future endeavors. Thank you so much, Young!
Young is very knowledgeable and provides my daughter with excellent skills to excel in her math class. He is patient and is able to communicate complex issues in an easy to understand way. He has been an integral part of my daughter raising and maintaining her grade to an A in her class!

Michelle LeVasseur

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