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Know Where to Go and How to Get There

Develop and execute a strategic plan to get accepted into your dream college.

College Planning

Maximize your admissions chances by preparing early and wisely.

Class Selection

Learn and apply important guidelines for selecting high school classes that put you on the best path for successful college admissions.

Extracurricular Activities

Select and excel in extracurricular activities that will best reveal your uniqueness that grade point averages and test scores can’t.

Awards & Achievements

Highlight your awards and achievements that demonstrate how you exceed the average standards of academics, athletics, and leadership.

And Much More!

Standardized testing, volunteering, work experience, internships, languages–in every area of your application, identify the best strategies to really stand out.

You Need to Stand Out.

We can show you how.

Planning for college can be daunting for many families. In addition to GPA and standardized test scores, students need to augment their college applications with advanced courses, languages, extracurricular activities, internships, summer programs, volunteering, etc., in order to stand out.

Develop a game plan that best fits your goals, strengths and weaknesses, schedule, and family's financial situation for maximum college success.

Learn valuable strategies on how to create a compelling and competitive application for college admissions.

Receive regular feedback and valuable counsel on class selection, time management, study skills, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and other factors important to the admissions process.

Personal Statements

Craft your best personal statement with expert guidance and critique.

Get Started Here

“What should I write about?” Save valuable time and know what to write by understanding what constitutes a good (and bad) personal statement.

Show Who You Are

Your personal statement isn’t about the topic as it is about you. Learn how to use the topic of the personal statement to showcase who you are.

Error-Free Writing

You can’t be careless! With our help, have the confidence that your personal statement will be completely free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Maximum Impact

GPA and standardized test scores are important in your application, but it’s your personal statement that can take you over the top. Learn what it takes to do so!

Transform Your Writing from Good to Great

Make the leap from average.

One of the most critical components in the application process is the quality of the prospective student’s personal statement(s). Depending on the school, the personal statement can be the deciding factor for admissions and, therefore, should not be neglected.

Brainstorm great essay topics unique to your personal characteristics and accomplishments.

Compose, edit, and refine your best personal statement(s) tailored to the college or program to which you are applying.

Receive expert critiques to help you craft your best personal statement that showcases your unique qualities.

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Personal Statements

$ 70-90 /hour
  • 1 session of personal statements basics and strategies
  • Brainstorm ideas and create action plan for writing
  • Critique on structure, content, and flow
  • 100% free of grammatical and spelling errors

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