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Essential Preparation

Kairos Academics provides a practical, meticulous approach that helps students comprehensively learn all essential concepts tested on the ACT/SAT. Students will learn every question type and powerful strategies to master each.

Effective Preparation

Kairos Academics will help students acquire skills to overcome their weaknesses by thoroughly analyzing their mistakes and providing valuable feedback on how to strategically tackle challenging concepts and problems.

Efficient Preparation

Kairos Academics teaches students how to study efficiently, mastering only the concepts that they need to know without wasting time learning irrelevant material, thereby maximizing their score in the least amount of time.

The Kairos Advantage

Let's get to work.


There is no substitute for learning the basics. Know what concepts to learn, and master all of them.


Minimize your weaknesses so you can maximize your score. Identify exactly what you need to work on and how to do so.


Don’t waste time studying material that won’t be on the exam or study topics you’ve already mastered.


Having trouble understanding why you got something right or wrong? Break down your answers and your reasoning to help improve your score.


Learn proven techniques that can help you solve problems faster and avoid common mistakes.


Minimize your weaknesses so you can maximize your score. Identify exactly what you need to work on and how to do so.


Standardized testing can get grueling, turning into a psychological battle for many. Don’t get bogged down–learn to embrace and relish the challenge.


Study comprehensively and practice purposefully so you can achieve your best score.

Our Students Succeed.

Student Score Improvements from 2019

Successful Students Are Happy Students.

See what former and current students are saying.

Brooks Blackburn
Read More
My ACT score significantly increased from working with him during the summer, going from a 25 to a 30, which qualified me for a great scholarship to my dream school, the University Of Alabama.
Leila Mohammadi
Read More
He goes through each practice ACT you take with so much detail that you actually understand your mistakes rather than just glancing through the answers you got wrong and looking at your score.
Ben Langdon
Read More
Young improved my ACT, from the first practice test to the last real one I took, a whole 7 points: a 21 to a 28.
Julia Glasky
Read More
Young was able to give me the basic tools and math skills that helped me get the score I needed!
Erika Adler
Read More
I jumped 8 points since my first time taking the test!
Claire O’Connor
Read More
Young takes the time to make sure I understand the content, and he adapts his teaching to my personal strengths and weaknesses.
Isaiah Easton
Read More
Young Park is one of the best tutors I have had. He was flexible with my schedule and helped improve my ACT score by 8 points.
Michael Bellas
Read More
While Young is very knowledge on the ACT material, it’s his understanding of the importance of mental preparation that makes his approach so effective.
Justin Doron
Read More
Young does a phenomenal job preparing his students in the most effective way possible.
Alec Mason Little
Read More
He also tutored me for my ACT and helped me jump 6 points. He is extremely hard working and very good at what he does–believe me!
Lindsay Doron
Read More
I definitely recommend using Young as a tutor, as he is a great person and teacher!
Mike Coleman
Read More
We found out about Young through a family friend, and after my first session, I knew he was special. Young has been nothing but gracious, flexible, and a great friend to my family and me.
Cameron Kasey
Read More
Young really demonstrates the qualities of a perfect tutor: hard-working, personable, and entertaining.
Richa Roy
Read More
Whenever I felt unconfident in my ability to answer a question or apply to colleges, he constantly reassured me and helped me realize that I do have the potential to succeed.
Moses Shin
Read More
He always tries to get the most out of the student, and he motivates them to push farther than they thought they could have.

The Kairos Test Prep Process

ACT/SAT Prep Program Options

Learn how to beat the ACT/SAT and achieve your best score.

Small Group ACT/SAT Prep

$ 70 /hour
  • Maximum 8 students of similar ability per class
  • 20-30 hours of expert small group content instruction
  • 10-15 hours of small group test analysis and review of 8 full-length exams
  • All Kairos ACT/SAT Guides included
  • Email/text questions any time

1-On-1 ACT/SAT Prep

$ 100 /hour
  • 1-on-1 tutoring only
  • Hours of required instruction vary, depending on student ability and score goal
  • 100% full customized to student
  • All Kairos ACT/SAT Guides included
  • Email/text questions any time

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