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Two Great Options

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1-on-1 Tutoring

Maximize grades by working on key areas with instruction tailored to each student’s study schedule, learning styles, and goals. Stay motivated with detailed progress checks and regular feedback.

Small Group Tutoring

Learn in a a small group environment with students of similar ability and skill. Take advantage of a great balance of value and comprehensive instruction without sacrificing quality.

The Benefits of Tutoring

An effective approach to learning

Parents and students alike seek the help of tutors for a variety of reasons. Students may be falling behind in class or struggling to reach their academic goals. Some parents find difficulty helping their children, and even more are unable to teach advanced subject material in an effective way. Hiring a private tutor may be the best solution. A professional tutor can help students strengthen subject comprehension, increase confidence, and develop critical learning skills to achieve their personal goals.
Boost personal confidence and academic ability
Learn effective time management and study skills

Cover all subject matter comprehensively

Solidify foundations and understanding
Master strategies for better academic performance
Identify and improve on weaknesses

Whatever Your Needs

We can help.


Students sometimes fall behind or struggle in a particular subject. We strive to meet students at their level, identify all areas of deficiency, and provide specialized instruction that best helps them not only improve their grades but also develop a degree of confidence and even enjoyment in their studies. With every positive outcome, great or small, students can overcome their weaknesses to meet and exceed their educational goals.


Many students need help staying on track to meet their academic goals. These students are often bright, hardworking, and ambitious but may need extra guidance in order to more fully understand challenging concepts or be more efficient in their preparation for tests, quizzes, or other assignments. Maintenance allows for students to build confidence and pinpoint and overcome weaknesses so that they can achieve their absolute best grades.


Enrichment is ideal for students who want to augment their existing skills and knowledge for future classes or upcoming standardized tests. These students are already very successful in their classes but are looking for more challenges to better prepare them for higher level courses and to accelerate skill development in particular areas of study. This type of tutoring is also beneficial for students looking to move into Honors or Advanced Placement courses.

Academic Subjects

Kairos Academics provides tutoring for the following subjects:


All Math Subjects Up To Calculus

Integrated Sciences

And more!


Start at any time.

1-on-1 Private Tutoring

Most Subjects
$ 50-80 /hour
  • Personal attention
  • 100% customized instruction
  • Flexible scheduling

Small Group Tutoring

Limited Availability
$ 40-50 /hour
  • 2-4 students
  • Interactive environment
  • Best value

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