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The ancient Greeks used two words to denote time: chronos (χρόνος) and kairos (καιρός). Chronos is the word from which we get the term chronology. It defines time as a measurable resource or a sequential ordering of events. Kairos, however, implies a different category of time. It refers to an appointed time, an opportune moment, or a due season. Whereas chronos is quantitative, kairos is qualitative. In ancient Greek rhetoric, a kairos moment suggested possibility, an occasion for the wise to seize in order to achieve success. All time, then, is not equal, for not every second possesses the same worth.

Kairos Academics recognizes that students are at a crossroads–a kairos moment–in their academic careers. They face a ripe opportunity with either positive or negative implications. It is thus a time that stresses a call to action–but action that needs not be taken without guidance.

For this reason, Kairos Academics exists: to equip students in these kairos moments with competent instruction, personalized attention, and proven strategies so that they do not waste valuable opportunities but reap a harvest of success at the proper time.

Meet Young.

The founder of Kairos Academics

Young Park is the proprietor and principal operator of Kairos Academics, a private education company in Irvine dedicated to serving and equipping students who seek to achieve greater levels of academic and personal success. He has personally instructed over 500 students over the course of more than a decade, logging tens of thousands of hours of teaching, and has helped many dramatically improve their academic grades and standardized test scores. Many of his students have gone on to gain acceptances to notable universities, including Harvard University, Yale University, Emory University, University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, and UC Berkeley. His primary areas of expertise are the ACT/SAT, all levels of math up to Pre-Calculus, and writing. He provides general academic and college admissions counseling as well.

Young has also served as English Ministry and Education Pastor for more than ten years.

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